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Friday, April 09, 2010

It's been a tough few years. So tough I was just fed up about bloging anything. But today I have a reason, a very valid one. With all the shit I have gone through, and the shit still piling up as I speak, I have moved one step closer to doing what I feel is close to my purpose in this fucked up world.

My company was registered yesterday. My intention to set up an animal service centre, to help the strays/abandoned/unwanted/abused, as well as to make some money while doing that, is very slowly taking shape. Pawsome Animal Supplies & Services. Yes.

And well, the ever-niggling problem of money is still there. Gotta go beg and borrow. Wish I was tactical enough to steal, but...

For now, this shop is there. It will stand there, for as long as I am standing, in memory of all the animals I have rescued but are unfortunately not with us anymore, for all the ones I could not rescue, or had no knowledge of, for all the crap they had to take in life, and for the better lives they are living now, up there in critter heaven...

Still the Biatch

Thursday, September 27, 2007


He got knocked down yesterday. Hit by a car. Of course the car did not bother to stop. Intan ran to me, telling me to hurry.

He was still alive, convulsing, when I rushed to help Janet, standing in the middle of the road, next to him. Moved him to the side. Kept talking to him. I felt his pulse, it was still beating, but a few beats later... while Janet ran to get her car, to rush him to the vet, I felt it stop. Dissipate. Halt.

I still kept talking to him, but then I saw his tongue grow pale, and when I felt it, it was cold. His eyes had this glazed over look, and did not respond.

We still loaded him into her car. At least, we would still have to make sure he really was gone, and not in a coma or in shock. Also, we could at least give him a proper burial.

And so it was. He was probably cremated today.

I named him Tommy. He did not have a name in life, but in death and for eternity, He shall be known as Tommy. A strong boned, sturdy, handsome, black and tan dog.

Rest in peace Tommy.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


WHAT NEXT??? And they have MONEY to pay for TORTURE!!!

Please please, I implore any and all of you, to write to our media and help stop this eventually.

Dogs don't deserve to suffer. They mean us no harm. It is us, humans who threaten and harm THEM. And it's the same with any animal.

Click here to get addresses of editors to write to. You can also write to international groups and get their attention. Addresses can be found at the above link too.

Also, go to to familiarise yourself with being an activist. You can also write to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). I have already.

They are our only hope.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sunshine Sunday and Scruff

These two kitties belonged to Mimi. Together with her other three kittens, Rockafella, Midnight and Copper.

Sunshine was the smallest of the lot, but also the liveliest the first time I picked them up. He was white with orange spots. Had the cutest face.

Unfortunately, he fell sick somewhere along the way, and passed away in his mom's presence one night when Dyan was fostering them. We do not how and why exactly he died. Dyan gave the fella a good burial. He was probably about 3 or 4 months old.

Scruff on the other hand was one of the unfriendly, shy ones. She always kept to herself. Not as sociable as the other 3. She took on after her mom exactly, orange, white, black blotches all over, otherwise known as calico cats. Scruff was also unique in a sense that she had panda eyes. Both eyes had black rings round them. That made her look pretty different.

Scruff was with me after Dyan passed the whole family to me. I was happy the day Rodney told me his colleague's sister was interested in her after showing them pictures. After some talking, reassuring, form filling, explaining and praying, Scruff was picked up and officially adopted by this family. I said bye to her with the hopes of seeing her soon to spay her, because she wasn't ready to be spayed at that time yet. She was about 5 months old.

I do not know what made Scruff want to sneak out, and I do not know why her owners did not double check before they left the house that morning. But when they returned, their neighbour gave them the tragic news, that Scruff had been killed by their own cat.......... this was a month ago yesterday.

Anger and guilt. Two things I have to deal with. How do you keep these animals safe? You give them away, making sure they go to good families. Because although you would like to shelter them and keep them safe yourself, you just can't keep adding the animals on. You have to make way for the next one who may come along and need a temporary foster home. So the cycle has to keep moving. But how do you make sure these things do not happen? People call me paranoid, obsessive, mad. All I can say is, Scruff would still be here today if I was the one leaving her alone in the house that day.

They gave her a good burial. It seems the sister was very upset and couldn't stop crying. Yes. Please learn from this lesson.

It takes a lot. Dealing with these homeless wonderful doggies and kittes. You have to do it with an open heart. If you start feeling the weight, then you were not made for this. But all of us are capable of giving, if we just allow it.

Midnight and Copper may have potential homes. I want to give them away together, because they have been together for so long. That's the condition for adopting them.

Rockafella is happy in his home according to Dyan. He will be neutered soon. Together with his sisters.

As for Mimi. I may keep her at the back, since she is the original Godmother of Stray Cats..... or at least, she acts like one. Let's see.

R.I.P. Scruff and Sunshine Sunday. Sorry Scruff, that I sent you to your death, technically. God bless.

Monday, May 21, 2007

R.I.P. Crusty Boy, 18th May 2007

Yes. He got killed. On Friday night. By another cat. It is disheartening and sad. He had a puncture hole in his neck. Poor fella probably bled to death, and wasn't able to even walk back home at least. I found him sprawled while walking the dogs on Friday evening. His eyes lifeless.

Dyan came over to help me bathe the dogs and cats that day. Instead we ended burying Crusty... life really knows how to flip you about...

Now, Crusty's story is one of nostalgia. He was basically the first stray cat that wandered into the back of the house sometime in Oct/Nov last year, all filled with mange around his ears and forehead. Scratching and licking. He just came and slept at the back. Not expecting anything. Just a warm place to sleep.

We eventually started feeding him. And that's when I gave him the name, because of his crusty mange. He was always friendly, from the beginning, not like how most cats run away with fear. Quite a dare devil in a way. He was almost 6 years old. And an old timer there.

I eventually got more involved with the Independant Pet Rescuers, and took him to the vet, got him treated, vaccinated and neutered. And he bloomed into this handsome old man. Fur all nice and fluffy and his true personality began to surface as well, now that he felt much better.

He used to come and eat, sleep in his cage when he felt like it, but he still remained a roamer. Male cat la... what to do. And he had this funny way of following me wherever I went, like a dog somewhat. And come and make his signature prrreeooww... yes, Crusty never meowed, he 'prreowed'. It was just the way his voice was I guess. So one could recognise it was him miles away.

He is also the one who made Scuttles comfortable enough to come and eat and hang out at the back. Scuttles is this orphan kitten which I found one day literally scuttling away from me. I went later with some food with Crusty in tow by my feet, left the food on the pavement, and she came and ate after we disappeared. The next day, she was at the back, with Crusty. So maybe he kinda gave her the confidence to come and eat at least, that I wasn't the monster she thought I was. She still scuttles away, but she does allow me to get a little closer than the first time I met her. I have never managed to hold her, but thanks to Crusty, she is still here with me.

These past few months, Crusty was basically the ring leader of the cat-pack-at-the back. I rescued Jub-Jub from the side of the highway, on the same island where Julie and Bobo, the mommy and puppy, were abandoned. He was there one night when I went to feed the doggies. And Roadyboy was rescued after being run over right in front of our eyes one night after one of our Beckett shows. Crusty would come like a big boss, get irritated by Jub-Jub, scowl angrily at Roadyboy, and play around with Scuttles, his favourite. Then he would disappear.

Simone and Crusty had this funny relationship too. He would just plonk himself on the kitchen floor, and Simone will circle him like as though she were rounding up her prey, and growl at him. Adn he would just sit there. Psychotic cat.

Somehow Crusty also found his way to the front of our house. The past week before his death, he used to come to the front gate and preow away until I let him in. Tori and Skeeter will look in disbelief, I'll open the gate, and Crusty will just saunter in, all proud and oblivious that two dogs are watching him come into their territory. But Tori and Skeeter were already used to him and his afternoon sprawls in the hall and under the dining area anyway.

One of the days a few months ago, he came home injured, after being away for 2 days. Had a cut on his lower lip which needed stitches, and his fang was chipped. He had his surgery, and was ok to eat normal food within a few days... in fact... the chipped fang was another point of proof that it was Crusty boy lying there on the alley pavement... there I was wishing I was wrong.

He had a fluffy mane and body, with stumpy legs, almost cute and child-like. And his tail was a piece of fluff too (Jub-Jub's fave past time-> whacking/biting Crusty's tail). I suspect he had some sort of Persian cat blood in him la. He was a normal grey tabby cat. But a gorgeous one. He had huge eyes, and a big nose. Which is why I used to call him Vadakethu Crusty. Now, Vadakethu is my grand dad's family name on my dad's side. Most of the Vadaketh's had big noses, including my grand dad, my dad... me to a certain extent. And Crusty had one too.

He had a funny walk. He always had this jerk incorporated in each step, and with his fluffy mane, jerky walk, stumpy legs and big nose, he looked like quite a character, and he always made me laugh when I saw him walking towards me...

I know that if he could have walked back that night, he would have. And at least died at home.

I only found him almost 18 hours later, thereabouts. Because he would have been killed in the wee hours of the morning. I went out at 1am to call for the gang at the back, all were there except him. Then in the morning, I put the food out for him, and when I returned form work, it was untouched. I was slightly worried, yes, but he has done it before, and I didnt think he would be actually killed, dead, lying lifeless.

And I think I know who his killer is. This Mafia cat named Naughty (by me). He is this mean looking old cat, and Crusty and him always never liked each other anyway. There was this unspoken dislike whenever they met their eyes, and Naughty used to come more often of late and steal Crusty's food. So I am 90% sure it's him.

One thing I did not do and took for granted was take a picture of Crusty. I put that off and now, no one will be able to see what a funny looking gorgeous loving cat he was. I will always have him in my memory. He is the most well behaved, obedient, faithful cat I have ever met to date. Like I said, almost like a dog.

Buried him in the walkway area behind the house, where he used to hang out. By a tree. So I can visit him whenever. At least he is buried close to home, in his area. At least I managed to give him that.

Old Man Crusty, am missing you already. So are the other kitties. Sorry I wasn't there for you. You take care old boy. God bless you.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Updates updates!

1 month ago... the date above la
So there is Simone the black kitty and Crusty the shabby cat now boarding at home. Simone is about 2 months, Crusty 6 years.

They will be around for at least another 3 weeks, since they are also on treatment. And Crusty needs to recover from his mange. Simone is getting to be more and more of a brat.

Today... (7th Feb 07)
We have decided to keep Simone. She just got vaccinated. Beginning to look more and more like a naughty devil. I also think she thinks she is a dog, thanks to Tori and Skeeter giving her the vibes... but she is getting along fine.

Crusty has gone in for a snip-snip. He will be returned to his alley, but am sure he will be hanging around the back la, waiting for food and a tummy rub. That lazy old fat cat.

Beamer and her kitties are still with me. Must put up their pics for adoption. Nasty, Moody Blues and Marshmallow. Of course once they are ready. Not for now. To the vet again tomorrow for them.

And Shawna... yes, Shawna the lost and found white doggie. She was walking, desperately trying to get people's attention in front of my house 2 weeks ago. Came up to me cold, scared, shivering, with 3 collars round her neck(?). How la to NOT take her in. Anyway... the good news is, she got adopted on Sunday by this rather cheerful couple from East M'sia, now living in Shah Alam. The wife loves her. I hope it works out between them and her. She's going to go in for a snip-snip soon too. She is all hyper and happy, a vast difference from her demeanour 15 days ago. Good doggie Shawna.

The cat family with Dyan visited the vet yesterday. All 5 kittens seem healthy, except that mom is losing weight coz her kits are draining the nutrition out of her. So they must be weened soon. And they have some fungus. So yes they too will be up for adoption soon, including mommy. We have Mimi, Midnight Milly, Rockerfellar, Sunday Sunshine, Mr. Scruff and Copper. Go figure. Not only do they sound weird, they all look as varied from each other as is possible.

We just wish we had more money to juggle round. And more fosterers who can help house these animals in need until they get adopted. If you are one of them, do come forward. Or drop a comment here with your details.

Do visit the Independent Pet Rescuers blog for more homeless/lost animals who need loving homes.

Do also drop by Plaza Damas on Saturdays from 11am to 6pm for our adoption drive. Drop in some money in the donation box if you don't need an animal. A little goes a looooong way.

Sherrina is still trying to sell the calendars. And so are we. Do purchase one. It's all for a DAMN good cause. I can assure you that.

We are trying... very hard...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Remembering Sheena

Don't know why I never put this up here before, but here it is now. Sheena was one of the unfortunate casualties of our own ignorance. The sad state our human behaviour and characteristics have deteriorated to. She is definitely happier now. Click here to find out what she went through.

And this is the official blog in memory of her, to keep her story in our minds, and to keep up the fight for better laws for animal rights and ways to end animal abuse in this country. A HUGE THANK YOU to the owners of this blog.

Another animal angel is this one Angeline Chin who has come up with a book on animal rights. Go to this page to find out more.

And go out and get the book. It should be in major bookstores like MPH now! Help support the education of animal rights in this country. God knows we need it!!

Let's all do whatever we can.